Tom Kendzia’s influence on Liturgical Music in Ireland goes back to the 1990’s when he visited Ireland on an invitation from Fr. Liam Lawton.

Since Castlebar Gospel Choir was formed back in the late 1990’s, Tom Kendzia’s music has found a place in literally every performance of the choir from church services to concerts and competition.

Tom Kendzia,  professional liturgical musician, composer, speaker, performer, author and clinician has been visiting Ireland from his home in Rhode Island, USA for over 16 years delivering workshops and on Thursday May 12th 2016 he had his first visit to Castlebar.

There is perhaps a certain nervousness for both parties involved when a composer gets to hear the artist perform their work for the first time but after performing some of the choir’s favourites, the feeling of emotion was palpable with the composer visibly moved. While Tom Kendzia’s influence on Gospel Music in Ireland is significant, so too is Ireland’s influence on his music and we were humbled when he suggested a wish to come and perform a concert with us. In the meantime we hope that our loyal followers will continue to enjoy our transatlantic interpretations of the music of Tom Kendzia.CD's IMG_4523 IMG_4532 IMG_4533 IMG_4537 IMG_4545 IMG_4554 IMG_4559 IMG_4560