USA 2016

Castlebar Gospel Choir are constantly striving to stay true to the roots of authentic gospel music and like many artists have felt the calling to the replenish itself at the source. Many musicians across the world have made the trip to Ireland, to the source of Irish Traditional Music and in March 2016 Castlebar Gospel Choir made their second trip to the USA to immerse itself in what we might refer to as the “Pure Drop” of Gospel Music from the heart of the African-American tradition of Gospel Singing.

Our first visit was to St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Philadelphia for a inspirational workshop led by Shelia D. Booker ably assisted by our own Kathy Fahey. The workshop culminated in a joint concert with Castlebar Gospel Choir, Sounds of Joy and  St. Pauls Choir.

In 2006 performed as support to the world famous “Harlem Gospel Choir” when they performed at the Royal Theatre in Castlebar. The Harlem Gospel Choir have long had an association with Ireland when they featured on albums by U2 and DeDanann. The choir attended a performance of the the Harlem Gospel Choir at the famous BB King Club in Manhattan before travelling across Central Park the following day to Harlem for another workshop, this time with members of the Harlem Gospel Choir.

Another highlight of the trip was a visit to Ellen’s Stardust Diner on Broadway where wannabe performers work as waiters and waitresses in the hope of being discovered as they wait on tables and then sing for the guests.

Thankfully however we managed not to lose any of our talented members to the bright lights of Broadway all all have returned renewed and re-inspired.


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